In a tourist town full of little boutiques, one clothing store begins to look like all the others. The location is essentially the same, the merchandise is similar and even the inside décor tends to become monotonous.

One creative retailer found a way to create a distinction by hand-making her hangars. Beyond their obvious function, the hangars served as works of art and a way to make this boutique stand apart from the others. Every hangar in the store was unique and a collection of them was featured prominently in the window display. I remembered that the jeans I was looking at were at that store because of how they were hung.

What is a small touch that you can add to your organization or service to make it just a tad different from the others? Chewy (used to) include a dog treat in their shipments. Hallmark gives a Gold Crown seal with each card. Dairy Queen puts a curl on the top of its cones.

Think of the flourish you can add to help your organization’s brand flourish in a crowded marketplace.

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