I love the project at the Hartford County (MD) Humane Society where staff put an abundance of energy into photographing the pets that are up for adoption. Instead of a generic “mug shot”, volunteers take the pets outside, surround them with toys, put them in costumes, etc. – anything to express the pets’ personality and make them more appealing for adoption.

And it has worked – last year they had 93% of their pets go to new homes. Who wouldn’t be attracted to a dog that is just itching to play ball with you?

I think that paying attention to creating enticing photography could work in other settings. How about putting as much energy into photographs of low calorie, healthy foods on the menu as they do to tempting desserts and rich pastas? Resale stores could feature old furniture in reclaimed or vintage settings to inspire shoppers to give their wares a new home. Old cars could be photographed full of friends cruising down the highway.

Houses have been staging photographs for years. Why not apply the technique to other areas that could benefit from a little manufactured “curb appeal” to motivate consumers to make the choices you wish they would make.


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