Notre Dame head women’s basketball coach Muffet McGraw was asked about her role as an advocate for women’s sports. Without hesitation, she gave a powerful reply that was passionate, fact-filled and powerfully made her point. (You can watch/read it here.)

Whether or not you agree with her stance, you have to admire the way she delivered her answer. McGraw has been an advocate for women in sports for many years and she certainly has her “elevator speech” well-honed.

Think about what you would say if posed a similar question by a reporter. Could you eloquently communicate – complete with facts and examples – the essence of your position on the topic that is relevant to your work? Do you have a cogent response to the challenges your organization faces that you could deliver without notes, on the spot?

If not, use McGraw as a role model to see how it’s done. Make it your mission today to gather those key points and supporting evidence and start rehearsing aloud!

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