I have needle phobia – can’t look at them in person or even watch someone receive a shot on film…

yet over the weekend, I donated my 100th pint of blood.

I think this is an analogy of how powerful a compelling purpose can be for an individual or an organization. I am aware there is a great need for blood, and I believe in the life-saving treatment that donations provide. So, I sit strategically facing away from other donors, bring a book to divert my attention away from my own arm and in general avoid even thinking about what I am doing – and have kept doing it every eight weeks for almost two decades.

If people buy into the aspiration, they can overcome all kinds of barriers to achieve it. Focus on the inspiration and the logistics will often take care of themselves.

About the Author leadership dots by dr. beth triplett

Dr. beth triplett is the owner of leadership dots, offering coaching, training and consulting for new supervisors. She also shares daily lessons on her leadershipdots blog. Her work is based on the leadership dots philosophy that change happens through the intentional connecting of small steps in the short term to the big picture in the long term.

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