Millions of dollars are spent on branding and the development of that perfect icon, but as soon as a new logo is put into place, the old brand design is banished. Great efforts are taken to replace all of the old images with the new as soon as possible.

Pepsi has taken a different twist on its logos and instead of abandoning the look they have brought back previous designs as part of an anniversary celebration. Pepsi fountain cups currently represent five different incarnations of the logo, illustrating its evolution from 1945 to the present.

It cost them nothing extra to do and has the added benefit of having people actually pay attention to the cups instead of glossing over them due to their sameness.

Is there something in your archives that you could resurrect for a specified period? Retro looks are quite popular these days – maybe you could play off of that and bring back a vintage logo or masthead for your organization. Everything old is new again – just ask Pepsi!


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