I saw a billboard that has stuck with me that read: “is the most valuable perspective the one that you don’t have?” I wonder if that is true.

I am not sure that I agree with their premise, but I do believe that a different perspective helps you to clarify your own view and creates a new level of understanding. Hiring a consultant can point out a broader frame of reference and help you to place your work in context. Maybe you are better than you were, but not nearly as far ahead as others in your field.

Traveling can raise your consciousness about things you took for granted and allow you to see the differences in architecture, culture and style of living that you would not have noticed had you home. After seeing the differences, you may come to appreciate what you have in ways that you had not before and prefer your current environment over the one you sampled.

Working with others outside your usual circle of colleagues can also broaden the number of options to solve a particular problem or help you to address the issue in a new way. The view of others is not always the right one but hearing opposing opinions may help everyone come to understand the rationale behind your conclusion.

Don’t remain insulated just because you believe you are right. A new perspective might open your mind to a new way of thinking or it could add validity to your current thoughts.

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