The International Space Station has allowed scientists to see images of Earth in a manner that highlights significant events in ways that no camera on the ground can do. The Space Station shared photos of smoke coming from the World Trade Center on 9-11 and this week shared images of Hurricane Florence approaching the coast.

The view from the Space Station is a marvel on its own, even without the addition of specific events to add even more dramatic effect. The photographs capture our environment in ways that are overshadowed from a normal perspective. Yes, we know Central Park is large, but its enormity is readily apparent when you can see it from space. We know that the California wildfires are massive, but they look even larger when scaled from the sky.

Leaders become so immersed in the daily operations that it is difficult to stand back and see the organization from 30,000 feet (or a higher level), yet taking the broad view is an essential skill. You may not have a Space Station photo of your organization but pretend that you do. Develop ways and illustrations to help yourself and your staff internalize scale. Where are your light clusters”? What does a Category 4 storm look like for your organization vs. a Category 2? How can you see the impact that you are having vs. what you could be having?

Back up and assess your organization from far away. You may have a whole new perspective on what is really happening.





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