I was amused by this sign from Georges Island Boston where, in addition to providing the menu, it shares the warning: “Watch your food. No refund given for food eaten by seagulls.”

I think that is an apt metaphor for when you are back in the office tomorrow. Bad things are going to happen, but it’s up to you to be alert for issues and to take steps to prevent them. No refunds for projects that are delayed by others, mishaps over which you had no control, unfair policies that you must live by or any other negative impacts that swoop in and eat your lunch. You need to watch your own “food”.

While summer officially lasts for a few more weeks, for many today is its last hurrah. I hope that you are enjoying the holiday and partaking in some relaxation instead of labor — unless of course the work involves fending off the gulls at the shore.

Happy Labor Day!

Thanks, Meg!

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