The movie Adrift recounts the tale of Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp’s journey sailing across the Pacific from Tahiti en route to San Diego. When the pair encounters Hurricane Raymond and the boat suffers serious damage, they find themselves in the middle of the ocean without communication or full sails.

At this point, Tami makes the decision to aim for Hawaii instead of San Diego. The islands are an additional 600 miles away, but the wind and currents are pulling in this direction and she believes it will aid in her travels. She alters the boat’s course and was rescued after 41 days with Hawaii in sight.

In your organization, I wonder how many decisions are made without taking the winds or current into account. People continue to forge on, doing what is in the plan or what seems like the shortest path without ever considering that a change in direction may be the best option in the end. The best route isn’t always the most obvious one.

Don’t wait for a hurricane to reassess your path.

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