There is a fine line between convenience and lazy and the distinction is getting more blurry by the day.

First, there was Amazon Prime, but now two-day delivery seems ordinary so they have introduced Prime Now that delivers to many places within the hour. Amazon offers Dash Buttons that allow you to re-order a product with just a touch instead of having to do all that work of looking up the item again.

It wasn’t enough that Siri could send texts or make calls for you; now Echo, Google Home and Alexa can turn on music, adjust temperatures, and look up information at the sound of your voice. Reading email on your smartphone has gone from cutting edge to cumbersome, so it is now available on your smartwatch. Your voicemails are converted to texts so you can access them more quickly.

I wonder what people are doing with all the time that they have saved.

Apparently not going to Ash Wednesday services. A church in St. Louis is acknowledging the desire of some people to do things more quickly by offering a “drive-thru ashing” today. Instead of needing to attend a regular Ash Wednesday service in a church, Manchester United Methodist is reaching out to those on the go by providing ashes in a highly visible lot along a major road. Priests will be available throughout the day to administer ashes to people without them having to leave their car.

Whether you applaud all these conveniences or lament the growing prevalence of shortcuts, “now” has become the new reality. You would be wise to embrace it now rather than later.

Thanks, Lynn!

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