I recently donated blood and this was the office in which the staff took my vital signs and conducted my donation history:

Who thought that it was ok to leave the wiring like this? Did the installer prioritize speed over pride by leaving the job in this manner? Do the nurses even notice the entanglement when using this office to greet volunteer donors? Has the administration abdicated their responsibility for creating a professional atmosphere in which to conduct serious work?

I believe that the problem stems from the fact that it is a “general-use” office where multiple staff members meet with hosts of donors. No one has ownership of the space. It is used by everyone, so is cared for by no one.

Segments of highways receive more attention than this donor office.

Do you have common spaces in your organization that need to be “adopted” by someone to provide routine cleaning and inspection? Your space is part of your brand and reputation. Don’t let your wires get crossed as to who is responsible for maintaining it.

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