I recently saw Three Billboards outside Ebbings, Missouri, a movie about a woman who posts a larger-than-life message to the sheriff who has yet to capture the person who murdered her daughter. Seven months have gone by without an arrest so Mildred (Frances McDormand) places the billboards thatOKread: Raped While Dying // And Still No Arrests? // How Come, Chief Willoughby?

The movie revolves around her rage which gets expressed in many unhealthy forms, but also about the torment of wanting answers to something that is unanswerable. As the Chief (Woody Harrelson) reports, “some cases are not solved.”

Many things go on in life that seem to make no sense to us. We want answers for illnesses, disasters and deaths although we ware unable to receive an explanation. We want solace when only time can provide an inkling of that most welcome emotion.

Venting your anger on billboards may not be the most effective method of expressing your grief, but the movie does give the viewer many themes to ponder. Maybe you can use its premise and construct for yourself three virtual billboards to vent your frustrations and sorrows in a palatable way. What would your three billboards say?

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