One in every 38 Americans lives in New York City. It makes the metropolis of 8.5 million people larger than more than 40 of the 50 states and twice as large as the second largest city (Los Angeles).

Yet, because it is a city, it does not receive the direct Federal funding, additional Senate representation or other benefits accorded to statehood because our system is set up to acknowledge the primary unit as a state.

Think about how your organization is structured. Do you have a “New York City” that contributes disproportionate revenue and influence without the proportionate recognition? Should you reconfigure some of your units or your infrastructure to support them in light of the uneven size differential? Would you be better off if there was increased parity instead of drastic variations in size/revenue/impact?

Or maybe your system works the way it is. Either way, it’s worth taking a moment to review and to either change it or consciously proclaim that you love your “New York.”

Source: New York City Department of City Planning,  Read more fun facts about New York City’s population here.

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