Everyone knows that drinking water is good for your health, but I have been challenged in my quest to do just that.

I purchased a water cooler to avoid the impact of disposable bottles, but then learned that the water comes in jugs that are a “7” (aka toxic plastic that should be avoided.) I tried to be eco-conscious with a reusable straw, but it grew mold inside of it. I find myself drinking substantially less water than Diet Coke, wondering if some water is better than an intake of double the amount in other fluids.

In water, like with everything, is a trade-off.

You’re likely to experience it today with Black Friday: stay at home and avoid the crowds, but maybe miss out on some good deals. Shop online and get the convenience, but negatively impact the local vendors. Take advantage of the sales, but spend lots of money to do so.

With what and how you drink as well as with what and how you buy, it’s a continual tradeoff to create a balance that works for you. Strive to be conscious of the choices that you’re making.

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