It seems like Thanksgiving is gaining respect as a holiday instead of being lost in the pre-Christmas frenzy:

  • I received Thanksgiving cards in the mail from my insurance agent, financial planner and Hallmark.
  • Yesterday my email inbox was filled with notes of gratitude from everyone from my credit union to Joe Biden!
  • Stores are selling collections of Thanksgiving clothing for kids.
  • A previous dot highlighted how Target was consciously reducing the Christmas Creep.

Maybe Thanksgiving is making a resurgence because people are feeling the need to find good things to celebrate. Maybe people are recognizing the important role gratitude can play in their lives. Or maybe it is just seen as another marketing opportunity.

Whatever the reasons, include Thanksgiving in your organization’s planning for next year. It’s always the right time to be grateful for clients and vendors who make your work possible.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for reading leadership dots!

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