When Kim Dinan quit her job and set out on an adventure to see the world, a friend wasn’t sure how to commemorate the occasion. What do you give someone who has just sold everything that won’t fit into a backpack?

Her friend decided on a yellow envelope, filled with money and instructions to give the money away to others that they met through their adventures. The envelope came with three conditions: 1. Don’t overthink it, 2. Share your experiences and 3. Don’t feel pressured to give it all away.

What resulted were not only opportunities to help others, but a book and a lecture circuit to share Kim’s experiences. I heard Kim speak of her adventures and how doing something “unexpectedly kind” changes the energy of everything around you.

Like the 1% improvement principle I wrote about yesterday, Kim’s lessons shared the importance of small actions and how a little extra from the yellow envelope made such a difference in the lives of many. “The yellow envelope was magic,” she said. “It was a nudge that caused me to pay attention to opportunities to do good and be kind to someone else.”

You don’t need a literal yellow envelope to share the goodness with others, but it may be something special to pack into your next suitcase.



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