How many times has the airport been the only place you have seen in a city? Unfortunately, for frequent travelers, it happens regularly.

Kansas City (KCI) is catering to the airport crowd by offering a vending machine that allows travelers to bring home a souvenir of a higher caliber than the typical tchotchkes sold in airport stores. Even if you never get beyond the concourse, you can purchase desirable items from their clever SouveNEAR machine. It’s like an automated Etsy store, featuring cards, shirts, journals, snacks and jewelry – but all are handmade items that are produced locally.

KCI airport has done a great job of bringing their product to potential customers. Think of how you can take advantage of the ever-expanding capabilities of vending machines to reach your clientele. Spirit wear at athletic venues? Branded merchandise for your organization at your office or events? Convention centers that rotate merchandise depending on the current show? Rain gear at outdoor public places like zoos or amusement parks? A way to sell products of students or employees?

Dorothy and Toto may not be in Kansas anymore, but the effective use of vending machines certainly is. Click your Ruby Slippers and add vending to your brand outreach.

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