Many people think of creativity as creating something entirely new, but being creative can also mean seeing a new use for something or making a slight alteration that results in something different.

Such was the case at Little Debbie — the maker of pre-packaged bakery treats. You may be familiar with the classic Christmas Trees — the delicious white treats in a tree-shape that are available every year only around the holidays and have become a family tradition in many homes.

Imagine the glee when someone got creative and realized that they could use their “tree” production line beyond the Christmas holidays. Little Debbie now produces Happy Camper treats — green trees, but otherwise identical to their holiday counterpart. Genius!

What new market is right under your nose but you can’t see the forest for the trees? Step back like someone at Little Debbie did and see if you can repurpose an existing system for a new use. It just might make you and your boss a Happy Camper!

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