We don’t always think about the infrastructure that makes our communities function, but some local families got a stark reminder of what it takes to make a city work. As part of a storm water reconstruction process, the pipeline went through the middle of several properties — meaning that the yards were totally dug up in order to insert the giant sections.

There is probably a similar pipe running through my yard and many others, but we don’t think about it. It is invisible to the homeowner, but the public works staff needs to be well aware of what is there, how long it has been underground and its capacity. They need to schedule when and where to dig up yards.

Think about the infrastructure that runs your organization or family. Have you taken time to consider the condition of the systems you need to conduct your operations? You take many of them for granted, but as the CEO of your home and perhaps in your role in your organization, you need to assess, plan and budget for the eventual repair. Systems are only invisible when they are functioning well.

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