There has been a lot more attention paid to introverts recently, in part because of Susan Cain’s book Quiet and also due to other business leaders recognizing the untapped potential of those who go inward for their energy. There are many serious studies and resources to help the extroverted understand their more introverted colleagues.

But on a light note, the differences between the temperaments can be summed up in one humorous banner. Instead of the usual HAPPY BIRTHDAY or CONGRATULATIONS you would find strung in big letters across twine at a party, this one says: PLEASE LEAVE BY 9. I laughed out loud when I saw it for the truth that it proclaimed.

There is not one right way to draw your energy or to do your mental processing, but the ways of introversion and extraversion differ in how they do so. Whether through humor or just plain ‘ole understanding, it helps to honor the ways your colleagues are hard-wired and to provide them with outlets to be at their best. Even if it means exiting when you are just getting started.


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