One last observation from my travels: I was struck by the uneven nature of social media promotion by the sites we visited. 

We were at many of the primary tourist locations in the region, and their encouragement for us to promote them on social media ranged from no hashtags available to an entire “Connect Zone” with free charging cords and staff to assist in photo sharing.

I tweeted about Newport Aquarium in KY and got almost an instantaneous retweet and reply. My tweets about other locations went unnoticed by the sites.

It caused me to think of the many dimensions of social media use: what you publish yourself, how you encourage others to share on your behalf, and as I have written about before, how you listen and respond. 

My former “alpha pup” copywriter Rob Lombardi once said: “Your social media strategy should be relevant and prolific or don’t bother. It’s the wrong vehicle for your message.” 

Add “how you engage others” to your strategic thinking and be relevant and prolific with this aspect of your social media plan as well.

beth triplett


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