Yesterday I wrote about social listening, a strategy for intentionally being aware of social media exchanges and trends with the intent of appropriately mentioning a brand in the conversation.

One of the biggest insights for me was that the major products that use this have not one but two different teams of people involved in the on-going process. One team is exclusively focused on the listening aspect: they follow high traffic spikes and ascertain the influencers who are driving the conversation. But when they discover something relevant, they pass it along to the response team to craft a message to post. 

I would not have considered that two teams were used in the process, but it makes total sense. The listening team needs to be analytical and technologically savvy, creating algorithms and ascertaining when traffic is noteworthy for its volume or content. The response team members are the communicators: the witty, politically astute word mavens who can drop just the right spin into the conversation. It is rare that the two divergent skill sets are found in the same person, thus the two teams.

Think about the tasks that you ask your employees to perform. Have you thought of the skills required, rather than just the functions that are required? Would you be better off splitting the duties differently to allow strengths to shine in diverse staff members? Do you have one team when you may be better with two? 

Listen to the advice of the professional social listeners and delineate responsibilities in ways that match tasks with talents. I think you’ll “Like” the result.

beth triplett

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