‘Tis the season for county fairs, popping up everywhere throughout the nation. While I enjoy the food and the animals, what really impresses me is the logistics.

Most fairs take place in an area that is little more than a building or two and a field. For much of the year, the fairgrounds are vacant except for the occasional wedding or event, yet when it is Fair Week, the field becomes a miniature city. The entire fair gets assembled, disassembled and moved within a day or two.

Food and beverage for thousands (of people and animals) appears on site. Production needs are met and dozens of entertainers perform. Health care and veterinary services are provided. An entire carnival is set up and secured. Electrical power, trash pick up, security, restroom facilities, water, ice, lights — it all is in place at full strength for one week per year.

Many people feel overwhelmed when they have to move offices or relocate their household. But the county fair reminds me that moving is a mindset. The transient nature of the business has carnies, vendors, showmen and breeders moving from one county to the next all throughout the summer. 

Think about the fair the next time a move is in your future, and earn yourself a blue ribbon for migrating with fair-like gusto. You can take solace that in the end, you won’t have to do it all over again after the weekend.

beth triplett

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