I have a friend who carries an unusual wallet. It’s like a little case with buttons labeled for each of his credit cards. Press a button and the card pops out. It is a novelty to watch.

And as a result, people ask him about his wallet when they see him use it. It is only available online through ACM Wallet, making it a bit more difficult to remember than saying “go to Target” or “I got it at Best Buy.”

So what did the fine folks at ACM do to counteract this? They included a little card with the wallet that could be shared. So now when someone asks, they can be handed all the information necessary to get a fancy wallet of their own!

It’s one thing to have Frequently Asked Questions on your website or to prepare your employees to serve clients well. What a great idea to go beyond that and prepare your customers to serve your future customers well too.

beth triplett


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