This week I am sharing tips on becoming a STAR supervisor — for more on that, see Monday’s dotTuesday’s dot on S = STARTING, Wednesday’s dot on T = TIME, and Thursday’s dot on A = ALIGNMENT. Today’s dot concludes the series with R = RESOURCES and how deploying the right resources helps build capacity on your team.

Not all resources cost money. Providing resources can involve providing skills, time, space or staff support, and your job as a STAR supervisor is to know what matters to your staff. 

Oftentimes, one of the key resources your staff needs is information. By keeping them abreast of new developments and connecting the dots for them by sharing the big picture, your staff feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to do things that make the most sense in the current context.

Another desirable resource involves providing your staff access to other staff, to professional development or to a senior leader with influence. Opening the doors to a partnership may provide the resources that are needed without fiscal outlay from your department. Allowing your administrative assistant to support a project may make all the difference.

Teaching staff new responsibilities also contributes to resource expansion, as they become more competent and connected to the organization. You can easily achieve this by involving junior staff in proposal writing or giving them ownership of a piece of the budget for their project. 

As a supervisor, you also control resources that can be used to effectively show recognition to your staff. You can provide the resource of time and allow for an early departure from work after a long week, offer an extended lunch period for team bonding. You may control the option to have a casual day or impromptu potluck to celebrate. Saying “yes” is a powerful resource to use with intentionality.

There are many ways to be a STAR supervisor, and no one has perfected the skill. Begin by acknowledging the importance of supervision, and then apply the STAR principles discussed this week: be the supervisor from the Start, invest the Time, seek clarity in Alignment and deploy the Resources your staff needs. I’ll bet that then your supervision talents will shine!

beth triplett

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