I recently had an experience that reinforced to me what a small world it really is. I was cleaning out my stack of papers that I saved from college and came across one of my financial aid awards. I noticed the signature on that award was from someone who ended up working for me as my financial aid director — 10 years later, and half a country away! Who knew?!

Even though we worked together for a decade, I never realized she originally worked at the school where I attended college, and she never made the connection that she would have been the one doing my aid award. But I saw her signature on literally thousands of aid letters when she worked for me, and so it jumped out at me right away when I was purging. 

It brought back a saying I frequently quote: “You have to behave all the time” because you never know who you are with or how they will turn up in your life again. The person that works for you may become your boss. The jerk in the store could end up as your neighbor. A person in church may have a job to offer you. A fellow parent at Little League could one day be your child’s in-law. 

It really is a small world and we are all connected in it, even if we don’t realize the ways in which our world overlaps. Treat others and carry yourself as if those intersections were visible, and you will be glad when they are.

beth triplett

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