Continuing the theme from yesterday when I wrote about a strategic thinking exercise using the example of pet bedrooms, we took the brainstorming one step further. In addition to thinking about spin-offs from a room in the house for pets, we kept going to consider other possibilities that pets could generate for products.

Some options we listed: pet insurance, pet wellness, trainers (for exercise not behavior), nutritionists and special pet eyewear. One of the ideas that came from this was a Fido Fitbit — if we track our exercise, why wouldn’t that extend to our pets?

It seemed like a novel idea to many, but it is already out there. (In fact, I wrote about it in March, 1984!) There are even several brands of pet pedometers, including FitBark, the one with the best name! And even in our small town, there is a business that provides “Fido’s Fitness Gym” including pet treadmills, a whirlpool spa, individual workouts for pets of all sizes and Red Cross Pet CPR training. Where there is money to be made, there is innovation.

Yesterday I listed a range of possibilities when you combined pet + bedroom. Today I listed some options from pet + wellness (of course, wellness being on the brain because that was the other ‘room of the future’). 

Think about the idea you came up with yesterday when you combined two things together. Is there something there that could turn into a real option for you? Maybe not to generate revenue, but a new program idea, a theme for your company’s picnic or a solution to a problem at work?

There is a whole other world staring us right in the face. All you have to do is connect the dots to see it.

beth triplett


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