In addition to the traditional signs that are found in Greenville, SC (as described yesterday), the city also features bronze mice as a unique enhancement to their downtown. Part art and part scavenger hunt, it was conceived as a project to entertain children. The group I was with is much older than any child, and we enjoyed it as well.

Nine mice are hidden along Main Street and retailers provide clues to assist in locating the objects. It provides for entertainment among the shopping and is a nice diversion.


And if you aren’t interested in spotting mice, Greenville’s sidewalks also contain words of inspiration for you. Throughout downtown are quotes embedded in the walkways such as: 

What can you do to add a piece of unique flair to your environment? Can you add a similar type of mystery to entertain your youngest clientele? Is there a piece of artwork or other visuals that can enliven a plain wall? Can you put meaning into an otherwise ordinary traffic area?

Greenville has created a charming downtown area, in part through small extra touches like the above. Don’t overlook the little things that can add up to make a big difference in your space.

dr. beth triplett

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