I was talking with my hair stylist who had just completed a class on how to become an even better hair stylist. The teacher taught hair coloring as a creative art and got everyone in the class pumped up about her methods. But she ended her class by cautioning students to anticipate the steps of the creative process when they returned to their salon and attempted to put the new techniques into practice. 

This process, as defined by Victoria is as follows:

1. You are really excited to try something new and creative. “This is awesome.”

2. You learn that the new process isn’t as easy as it looks. “This is tricky.”

3. You discover that creating something is actually quite hard. “This is sh*t.”

4. You begin to have doubts. “I am sh*t.”

5. You stick with it. “This is getting better.”

6. You stick with it some more. “This is awesome again.”

I think the process is apt for most creative endeavors, and certainly beyond coloring hair. Keep the progression in mind as you encounter doubts and roadblocks while you are trying something new. If you hang in there past number four, you’ll likely find style and magic in your work.

beth triplett

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