There is so much of our world that we don’t really pay attention to. Power lines would be an example of that. 

On a recent trip, I noticed that there were men working along the road, installing new power poles and lines. This was quite an ordeal, as they had to construct platforms with railroad ties for the large equipment to access the points, assemble the poles in multiple pieces because of their size, and then use helicopters to reach the highest points to string the lines. 

But until I saw the men and the signs warning me of utility work from December until May, I hadn’t noticed the poles that were already installed. They just blended into the background, even though they are several stories tall.

On the way home, I paid attention, and realized that the poles went on for about 20 miles that I could see — 184 poles every tenth of a mile!  (They were numbered; I wasn’t that bored!) 

I can’t imagine the cost for this installation project, but obviously the power company believes that it is a worthwhile investment in infrastructure. What non-glamorous but essential component of your organization should you pay more attention to? Is there a piece of equipment or process that warrants a new look? Is there something you don’t see that you should?

I missed about 15 miles of power poles on my original trip. Don’t let your infrastructure fade into the background and lose its power.

beth triplett
Note the scale of the pole vs. large truck next to it

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