As you know, the day after Thanksgiving has taken on a life of its own as Black Friday. Many retailers have attempted to extend this sales bonanza and have resorted to Black Friday Week and even Pre-Black Friday Weekend sales. 

But Lowes is taking it too far by trying to recreate the frenzy through a Spring Black Friday promotion. Seriously?

Do they actually think that just by calling something “Black Friday” will make it synonymous with “really cheap” in consumer’s minds and they will line up outside to grab the bargains? 

What I think is that calling something “Spring Black Friday” is just taking the lazy way out. If a store truly had a good sale, word would spread and they wouldn’t need to call it anything.

There are a lot of gimmicks out there, and red flags should go off in your head when you find yourself tempted to resort to using one. Go for substance and you won’t need to worry about manufacturing the hype to accompany it.

beth triplett

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