One more observation from the NCAA tournament: how wonderful it was to see the current Villanova coach (Jay Wright) embracing a former ‘Nova coach (Rollie Massimino) after the big game. Too often the leadership of one era moves on and ignores those who went before them, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Wildcats.

Jim Collins advocates for this type of leadership continuity in Good to Great, and I agree with his premise. Whether it be through formal succession planning or merely through conversation and contact, having a continuous thread of leadership presence serves many organizations well.

What have you done lately to reach out to those who have come before you, whether directly in your position or as leaders in your field? How have you applied lessons others have learned in the past to issues you are facing today? And, most importantly, how have you crafted ways to give recognition and appreciation to those who helped clear the path for you?
Embracing Rollie Massimino did not diminish Jay Wright’s accomplishments; it just added to them. Consider how honoring someone’s legacy can help you be a better leader today.
beth triplett

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