Ten years ago this month, Twitter was launched as a revolutionary new social media platform. Now there are Tweets every moment of every day, sharing experiences from all corners of the globe. Over 300 billion Tweets have been sent since it began, and it is estimated that one-fifth of the Internet users in the United States have Twitter accounts.

Who has the most followers?  According to People, Katy Perry leads the way with 84.4 million, then Justin Bieber with 77.1 million, Taylor Swift with 72.8 million, President Obama with 71.1 million and Rihanna with 57.2 million. 

What I found to be more interesting is the number of people these top Twitter-followed personalities opted to follow themselves: Katy follows 159, Justin 261K, Taylor 245, the President 637K and Rihanna 1,138. Don’t you wonder who the handful of people are that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift follow? 

You don’t need to be a pop celebrity to have influence with your 140 characters. Use Twitter as an electronic postcard; just a quick way to share a thought or to indirectly say “wish you were here.” Those who are following you will probably actually read your Tweets and likely appreciate the sentiment you share.

beth triplett

10 Remarkable Twitter Statistics for 2015
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