I recently went to the pharmacy at Target and asked to ring up another item when I paid for my medicine. The item was supposed to be on sale, but did not ring up that way. 

“You’ll have to ask someone else,” said the pharmacist. “We’re CVS, not Target.”

Excuse me? 

I don’t care if Target has contracted with CVS for their pharmacy services. But the moment they did that, the pharmacist became Target and not CVS — at least in my mind.

There are many organizations that outsource services these days and it may make sense from a short-term fiscal standpoint. But unless you take extra care to train/treat/expect the “outsourced employees” act like YOUR employees, there may be costs that you aren’t calculating. 

From the customer’s standpoint, they are you, whether they feel that way or not. And lousy service from them will be a reflection on YOU, not their parent company. 

You can rely on others to perform the work, but never rely on others to impart your values and deliver them directly to your customers. For that YOU need to take accountability. No outsourcing allowed!

— beth triplett

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