I know St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday, but except for the token green scarf that I wore, the day did not hold any significance for me.

This was not the case for everyone.

While I was getting my hair cut, a band of leprechauns burst in, chanting “Luck o’ the Irish to ya Lassie” and “Happy St. Paddy’s Day.” They handed everyone a green carnation and a small box of Lucky Charms cereal, did a little jig and then left, presumably to spread their joy at another establishment.

What a fun moment of serendipity. No one in the salon knew who they were, but they made everyone there happy.

Maybe St. Patrick’s Day is not “your” holiday. Maybe you’re a fan of Easter, or Groundhog Day or the Winter Solstice. Maybe you just like Tuesdays or the 3rd Monday of the month. Whatever you celebrate, consider following in the pattern of these merry makers by sharing your joy with others. Spreading such happiness is like making your own little pot of gold.

beth triplett

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