Of all the chores I regularly do, laundry is my favorite. I also think that it provides lessons on how we can do other work:

> It’s an effective use of in between time. Doing laundry isn’t exactly multi-tasking in the traditional sense, but I can read while the cycle is running and still feel like I am being productive. I get downtime without any twinge of guilt if a load or two is done in between!

> I set limits on laundry. I do it on Sundays, and even though dirty clothes will accumulate as soon as Sunday night, I never think of dealing with them until the next weekend. This is a good practice in setting boundaries and applies to many other things (like how often you check email and social media, or how many hours you work.)

> It is a finite task. When the laundry is finished on Sunday afternoon, it is done. There is a tangible product, and an output. In the words of Seth Godin, “we shipped.” Your work should provide a sense of satisfaction on a completed job well done, even if it is putting the last of the clean clothes in the drawer.

Most everything we do has lessons for other things. Take a new look at your routine chores like laundry and see if there are things you can learn that relate to your work or other duties. There may be unseen lessons that come out in the wash.

beth triplett

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