Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the highest grossing motion picture of all time.  It has grossed over $2 billion worldwide, and done so in less than two months of release. Clearly, it is a monumental blockbuster and box office hit.

Yet tonight, at the 88th annual Academy Awards, the movie won’t be named Best Picture. It isn’t even nominated. The Force Awakens only received five nominations, and all in technical categories: film editing, original score, visual effects, sound editing and sound mixing.

Several of the Best Picture nominees many people won’t have even heard of, let alone seen, until the contenders were released.  Room, Brooklyn and Spotlight together haven’t grossed $100 million domestically vs. The Force Awakens’ $916 million alone.

Which brings me to the question of “best”.  Who defines best? Clearly there are criteria to win certain awards and honors, but “best” is a personal and subjective term. There are always other measures and values to weigh, and different ways of evaluating what means the most to an individual.

Don’t let others, not even the Academy, define what best means for you. 

— beth triplett


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