How many times have you wished for more time or an extra day to accomplish something?  Today is your day!  You get that extra 24 hours that you have been seeking to finish errands, achieve a goal, gain some extra sleep or work a bit more on that project.

It is a full bonus day on the calendar, but in reality, is the point in time we have opted to play catch up for the drift in alignment between the lunar cycles and the calendar.  Without the additional day, we would lose almost six hours every year, meaning that every century the calendar would be out of sync with the lunar calendar by almost a month (24 days).

So Leap Year is really yet another example of how little things add up to make a big difference. The Earth’s rotation of the sun takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds — we just “ignore” those extra 5:48:45 until today.

Julius Caesar introduced the concept of Leap Year over 2000 years ago, and surely anything that has been around that long brings myths and traditions along with it.  According to legend, today is the day that women are to propose marriage to men (balancing the traditional roles on the day we balance the calendar!).  If a man refuses the proposal on this day, he must buy her 12 pair of gloves (so she can hide her empty ring finger!)

Whether you propose, buy gloves, relax or work extra hard, I hope you make note of the bonus day.  Use it to take a leap of faith to do something new or something that you have been putting off. If it’s worth adding an extra day to realign the calendar, it’s worth doing something special with it.

— beth triplett


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