Living in Iowa, I am able to take advantage of the opportunity to see many of the presidential candidates in person. As I wrote about earlierI went to several stump speeches this year, and saw candidates on both sides of the aisle.

It occurred to me that politics is a lot like art: you need to see what you don’t like in order to know what you do.
I think most things are like that. You try different kinds of food to discover that you like Italian but don’t like Thai. Or that you like lasagna, but don’t like tiramisu.

You look at different fashions to learn that you like classics and solids and don’t like lace and mini-skirts. You like dogs but not cats. The Corolla but not the Camry.  How would you know what you liked if you had nothing to compare it to?

The Internet and social media allow us to connect with groups that are like us, whether they be small in number or large. That feeling of familiarity and belonging is quite powerful…

…and is also limiting.  

Try to hang with a different crowd or experience things you don’t believe suit you — at least once in awhile — to confirm what you think is true. If you only see what you think you like, you’ll never truly know you’re right.

— beth triplett

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