In a recent Time article, journalist Ted Koppel shared his thoughts about being a “prepper.” A prepper is someone who is making preparations for a disaster, and Mr. Koppel is among them.  He has a generator, freeze-dried food that will last his family three months and encourages other to do the same.  

He believes that a cyberattack is not only possible, but likely, quoting former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano as saying the chances are 80%-90%.  Attacking “the grid” would paralyze the economy and reek havoc in many, many ways.

Time asked Koppel if we should panic over this, and I loved his response:  “No, it’s time to prepare. The time to panic is if we wait until it happens.”

What disaster has a possibility of happening in your organization? There are undoubtedly threats more localized to your operation than a global cyberattack; have you made any preparations for them?  Do you have redundancies in your processes that would allow you to remain functional?

The Boy Scouts had it right with their “Be Prepared” motto.  Maybe 2016 is the year you become a prepper too.

— beth triplett

9 questions with Ted Koppel by Michael Scherer, Time, November 2, 2015, p. 60

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