One of the things I treasure is autographed copies of books.  Writing a book is the one big thing remaining on my bucket list, and I think it would be an unbelievable thrill to be asked to inscribe a copy.

So I was disappointed to learn that Debbie Macomber, author of light romantic tales, is offering a “signed copy” for sale — at Target.  Somehow my notion of having an author’s signature does not involve mass production.  

I have written before about the proliferation of goods that used to have meaning: items from desirable destinations are now available on-line to everyone, celebrity photographs are for sale and there are few items that are reserved for those who were there “in person.”

Don’t add autographed books to the list. If you (or someone you know) didn’t wait in line to get an original penned for you, it’s not a signed copy.  Don’t delude yourself or dilute your organization’s value by pretending that it is.

— beth triplett


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