For those of us lucky enough to be in higher education, and for the many others on vacation at this time of year, it has been a week of no alarms.  

wrote before* about the unabashed glee that my dogs felt when I allowed them a brief respite off leash. I feel the same way about a week that is not regulated by the clock.  In this post-holiday bliss, I have had exactly one scheduled appointment. Normally I am in back-to-back meetings, and on the whole I like a structured schedule, but the unregulated time is like an off-leash romp for me.  

If your time off looks remarkably similar to your time on, I suggest you change up your routine.  Allow yourself a day or two of being clock-less and see if you can savor the minutes and seconds more when you don’t know precisely when they are.  

— beth triplett

*Blog #115 freedom, published 9/24/12

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