I’ve recently heard some sad tales about people who have had packages stolen from their porches.  I think about the economic losses, the time lost in trying to verify the theft and reorder the missing pieces, as well as the emotional toll of privacy and property being violated.

I also think about the greater impact this will have if package thefts become rampant.  The entire delivery system is based on a premise of trust. If that’s out the window, think of the changes that will follow.  Newspapers won’t be tossed on the door steps any longer.  The cost of shipping will dramatically increase if signatures are required for all deliveries.  Workloads of corporate mailrooms will soar as employees send their packages to work where there is a human to claim them.  Mail will be delivered in anonymous lock boxes at the end of every street instead of allowing for personal delivery in unsecured mailboxes at people’s homes. Many will be inconvenienced by having to go to some remote freight center to claim their parcels.

There are dozens of points of trust in the current supply chain.  I hope that you do your part to be vigilant in monitoring and reporting any violations of that pact so that the actions of a few don’t steal the freedom ingrained in the system as we know it.

— beth triplett

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