One of my observations from being off all last week is that time has such a different rhythm when you are off work.  

Sunday at 8pm when I was off on Monday did not seem late at all.  I could start a movie or settle in with a book because I was not feeling the time pressure. But Sunday at 8pm when I work the next day is a signal to start wrapping things up and get ready for the week ahead.

During vacation, I received an email from a friend at midnight. I know he would never be writing at that hour when he worked the next day.  I replied at 4:30am; instead of eeking out that last half hour before the alarm sounded, I got up when I woke up since I knew I could nap later if needed.

Even if it doesn’t involve time off, are there things you can do to alter your time rhythm and gain a new perspective from the different flow?  We get into ruts disguised as routines. Spend some time in a different part of the day to stimulate your creativity and energy level.

— beth triplett

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