So it is the day after the day after Thanksgiving and what are you doing besides shopping? If you are like many Americans, the answer is “throwing away some turkey.”  The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that we will throw away more than 200 million pounds of edible turkey meat this Thanksgiving holiday!  What a shame.

Throwing away perfectly good food seems to be as much of an American tradition as apple pie and baseball, spawning a whole new movement called “food rescue.”  With an so many going hungry, it seems even more egregious that 40% of food produced in the U.S. is wasted. This is edible food being tossed!  

Many have taken on this cause, including Boston’s Ashley Stanley, a food rescue activist who started Lovin’ Spoonfuls and has saved over 3 million pounds of fresh food from the trash. It is a triple win: the needy get healthier food, the donors would rather help others than toss it, and the landfills are saved from overgrowth.

As you sit today in the land of plenty, take a minute to learn more about food rescue and commit to a role you can play in it.

— beth triplett

Lovin’ Spoonful’s video

Food Waste documentary (plot summary of Just Eat It)

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