I received an anniversary card in the mail — not for a marriage or any family event, rather from Acura on the one-year anniversary of owning my car.  I’m glad that they remembered the date because I did not!

The card read:  ANN1VERSARY: here’s to fast starts, day trips and epic journeys.  Wishing you a Happy First Anniversary of Acura ownership.  May the years ahead with your TLX bring you even greater joy filled with precisely handled corners, 0-to-60 thrills and the satisfaction of Acura’s driver-centric technology. 

What a sneaky way to make an ad not seem like an ad!

What I liked about it though was that they capitalized on an opportunity to keep in touch with me without sending me a direct sales message.  Chances are that I’m not in the market to buy another new car after just a year, but they want me to think Acura when I am.  

I’m sure that you have a host of data on your current clients.  How can you use a piece of it as an occasion to send a brand message or even thank you to those who have been loyal to you?  Of course there is the easy answer of sending a holiday card, but challenge yourself to make it more client-specific.  Is it one year since graduation?  Their birthday?  When they have reached a level of purchases/savings/hours with your organization?

Having lots of data doesn’t matter if you don’t use it.  Take advantage of the ease of pairing personalization with communication and send your clients an unexpected remembrance today.

— beth triplett

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