As part of the spiel in our admissions presentation, we always joke with the parents that we love cookies and that they should bring us some when they come back.  I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one ever took us up on the offer…

…no one that is except for Mrs. Heidler.  She brought us cookies when her son moved in.  She brought us cookies every single time she came to visit.  She sent cookies back after holiday breaks and summer vacation.  Every year, for four years, until her son graduated.  For many reasons, we were very sad to see him go.

He graduated two years ago, but was back this weekend for homecoming.  And guess what he brought along with him?  Yes, his dear mother sent admissions yet another plate of cookies.

It may be a little thing, but a small gesture becomes magnified when done with such consistency.  How can you take a lesson from Mrs. Heidler and act on your thoughts of kindness, over and over again?  Regardless if it is a plate of cookies, a flower from your garden or a craft that you make, saying ‘I’m thinking of you’ with a tangible item is the ticket to endearment.  What generous gesture can become your signature?  

— beth triplett

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