While I was out walking, I came upon a house that had about eight items set outside on the lawn with a rudimentary sign that read “free.”  One of the items was an old wash bin that I thought would make a great planter.  As soon as I walked home, I hopped in my car to retrieve it.  Gone.

So were the pair of crutches, a couple of old pails, a trellis and flower pots.  In the span of maybe 15 minutes.

I wonder if there would have been such interest on the part of myself or the others had there been a price tag on the items.  Would I have raced back to pay $2 or $5?  Not nearly as likely as wanting it for nothing.

Free is a magic word.  It makes people interested in things that they may not be interested in for any other reason.  How can you sprinkle some of that fairy dust on the products or information in which you hope to spark interest?  

— beth triplett

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