As you are watching football today, think about this perspective about the game.

Jordin Sparks’ dad gave her this advice when she was preparing for her American Idol audition:  “It’s like football.  There’s always somebody coming up behind you that’s bigger, faster and stronger.  You just need to focus on what you’re doing and not worry about them.”

When you look over your shoulder, what are you fearing?  Are you evaluating yourself against others rather than making the most of what you have?  Do you worry more about what others are doing than the magic you could be making?

Take the advice from Jordin’s dad and look at the goal line instead of behind you.  The only way to score is to move forward.

— beth triplett

As quoted in an interview with Jordin Sparks by A.J. Jacobs in People magazine, September 14, 2015, p. 32

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