At work, we were approached by an organization who wanted us to engage with them to deliver a service in a way that is a real paradigm shift about how we manage and think about one of our core processes.  The question facing us is whether we should get in on the ground floor or wait until the idea is tested to see if consumers buy in to this new way of doing business.

How do you know when something is a fad or when something is the initial phase of a trend destined to change the way we operate?  Is being engaged in the beginning a good thing or a waste of precious resources when you are paying to offer something only early adopters are utilizing?  

I asked three of my staff members and received the following replies: a resounding yes, a definite no, and a considered maybe.  I myself could make an argument as to why we should — and should not — participate in the venture.  It is really just too early to know.  

If you find yourself in the situation of being courted by opportunity, you need to weigh the investment and risk vs. potential benefit and just decide.  When the scales are so evenly balanced, you’ll get motion sickness if you to sway back and forth with the slightest change.  Jump onto one side and be content with the leap you make.

— beth triplett

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